Here I present haikus of my works.

-"Concealing Losses in Dynamic Relationships" (Job Market Paper)

The losses I conceal,

is to make people feel

our relationship is worthwhile.

-"Setbacks, Shutdowns, and Overruns" (with Felix Feng, Curtis Taylor, and Mark Westerfield)

Setbacks occurred,

but the employer's eyes are blurred.

A soft deadline she concurred.

-"Dynamic Moral Hazard with Adverse Selection: A Pontryagin Approach" (with Feng Tian, Peng Sun, and Izak Duenyas)

The person I hire,

how much funding do you desire?

A probation period until fire.

-"Early or Late Warnings " (with Feng Tian and Shouqiang Wang)

What is the public doing,

when a disaster is looming?

Guide them through warning!

-"Optimal Checkpoint" (with Feng Tian)

"Has any progress been made?"

your advisors then checked.

On it your careers depend.

-"Investment under Hazards of Ponzi Schemes"

Investors, watch out!

A financial statement surprisingly good

is likely a fraud.